Mad Dog Promos

Mad Dog President Tim Lavin has been in the advertising specialty business since 1997.  His clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to the local high school and everything in between.  The broad range of clients and budgets have helped Tim find the best vendors from all over the USA and Internationally for all promotional items and uniforms for the right price.

Here's his story: Tim was a football player when he was in college at USC.  He was a member of two Rose Bowls and the John Hancock Bowl and had tryouts with the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. His love for sports got him involved with supplying apparel for high school and college athletic teams. Apparel then led to providing a complete line of promotional products and staff uniforms to major corporations around the nation.  As for the name "Mad Dog",  that was his nickname when he was a fullback for the USC Trojans.


In 2013, Tim published his first book: WALK-ON U: The Shocking Truth Behind Football's Unsung Underdogs

Tim Lavin walked-on the USC Trojans football team in 1988 and personally experienced the truth behind the secret life of walk-ons.  The treatment and NCAA rules governing walk-ons nationwide are usually masked behind the uniform.  Tim went on to earn a full scholarship.  Through Tim's personal experience and through interviews with scores of other walk-ons, coaches, medical trainers, equipment managers, athletic directors, and other front office personnel, Lavin put together this invaluable resource to shed light on the reality life of walk-ons, educate high school student athletes and their parents, and; push for rule changes within the NCAA.  

In 2014, with the voice of Lavin and the thousands who contacted the NCAA, after hear Tim on national radio and TV, Tim led the charge and two major rule changes were made with regard to health insurance and training table (meals).   

To get a personalized and signed copy of Walk-On U, go to this link and click on the book cover: https://www.walkonu.com/